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Custom Blenders

Plant Operations

Consistent Quality

Our Feed Ingredient is constantly analyzed and monitored for consistent quality.


We provide the cleanest and safest waste removal systems for your manufacturing operation.

Valued Partner

It is our goal to become a partner in the management and stewardship of waste products with our clients.

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Innovative Food Waste Recyclers
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Custom Blenders bakery waste and food waste recyclers

Custom Blenders is a food waste and bakery waste recycling company that specializes in providing commercial bakeries, food manufacturers and confectionary companies with professional and secure removal of inedible by-products. We recycle several products including bread, cereal, cookies, cake mix, dough, pasta, crackers, candies, snack chips as well as many other by-products from food manufacturers. At Custom Blenders, we are providing alternative solutions to dangerously overcrowded landfills. We assist companies in reaching their recycling goals while producing a valuable high energy supplemental feed ingredient for livestock.

With almost 45 years of ongoing growth and operational excellence, Custom Blenders has proven to be an innovator in the food waste recycling business. We offer several types of bulk waste removal solutions for your operation. Every system we install is customized and installed to your specifications. Custom Blenders offers stationary compactors, self-contained compactors, modules and other bulk loading systems, all engineered with a focus on reliability to help maximize your plant's production. We can handle waste in several different forms, whether it's cased goods, raw, bulk, any bagged or cased material, in gaylords or supersacks.

By using special technology and a standardized process, we separate the non-edible material from the bread, chips, dough, snack foods, pasta, candy and cookies. This process continues with special drying and refinement until the result is a highly palatable feed ingredient for poultry, swine, livestock and the pet food industry. Throughout the whole process, we monitor and sample our feed ingredients to maintain a consistency and quality that you can depend on.

Custom Blenders is committed to being a valued partner by providing the highest levels of customer focused services and quality engineered recovery systems for your food by-products and waste removal. We will provide these recycling services to the Food Industry while maintaining a focus on the environment, corporate support of our local communities and our employees. It is our goal to meet or exceed all OSHA, FDA and EPA regulations.

At Custom Blenders, we have focused on developing an Operational Excellence (OE) of environmental stewardship that's based on safety, reliability and in a compliant manner. Each employee is a key player and focuses on an operational discipline that "every job is completed the right way every time" which captures the spirit of Custom Blenders OE culture. Owner Barry Cowan has instilled a deep-seated theme of integrity within the companys strategies and policies. He takes a hands-on approach to customer service and will continue creating and sustaining the vision, values and culture at Custom Blenders.



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