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Waste Removal Systems designed for your operation.

Custom Blenders offers several types of loading systems that are designed to meet your needs and space requirements. We will plan and customize each solution for our clients, providing safe and reliable waste removal.

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Custom Blenders

Plant Operations

Consistent Quality

Our Feed Ingredient is constantly analyzed and monitored for consistent quality.


We provide the cleanest and safest waste removal systems for your manufacturing operation.

Valued Partner

It is our goal to become a partner in the management and stewardship of waste products with our clients.

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Innovative Food Waste Recyclers
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Our Services

Cloud Based Freight Ticket Management

We record all of the freight in our newly developed cloud based freight ticket management system. We capture each load in real-time for the most up to date tracking system in the industry. Every customer will receive a report each month detailing the number of loads, date shipped, type of material, freight ticket/shipper# and the number of tons.

Give us a call today for a quote on an alternative solution for your food waste stream. We specialize in providing safe and reliable food waste by-product removal. (812)299-0233.




Stationary Compactors for High Volume Waste

Our compactors are designed and built to meet the demands of larger volume applications. We can design and install a compactor for your unique space requirements. Give us a call today and let us help you with your food waste removal.






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