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It is the goal of Custom Blenders to provide the highest level of quality recycling management services to our Clients.

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Custom Blenders

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Consistent Quality

Our Feed Ingredient is constantly analyzed and monitored for consistent quality.


We provide the cleanest and safest waste removal systems for your manufacturing operation.

Valued Partner

It is our goal to become a partner in the management and stewardship of waste products with our clients.

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Innovative Food Waste Recyclers
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In the Beginning:

Custom Blenders started as a small bakery recycling company in 1968 called Lon-Jo, Inc. With just a single location, Joe Cowan founder, started producing a pig starter and turkey feed supplement that was blended from Sweet Tarts. Joe used a dry mixing formula that produced a highly nutritional supplement that was more economical than feed corn. After securing several large accounts including Pillsbury, A&P and Chesty Foods in 1972, Joe Cowan expanded to Terre Haute, Indiana and established MBC Cereal Fines. Joe's passion for producing quality products and providing excellent service enabled him and his two sons, Mark and Barry, to expand the operation and build a new plant in Southern Vigo County. The new plant was completed in 1983 and is the current site of Custom Blenders Indiana and Corporate Offices. Two years later, MBC Cereal Fines opened a plant in Perryville, Missouri. With the increasing demand for the product and the popularity of the high energy feed ingredient, Joe expanded his plant facilities. In 1991, a new plant was constructed in Perryville which is the current site of Custom Blenders Missouri.

The Growing Years:

In 1996, after a series of mergers and acquisitions the Indiana operation was sold. That same year, Barry Cowan created Custom Trading and Blending. In 2001 Joe Cowan retired and the boys acquired MBC Cereal Fines. Barry continues the legacy of making customer service and quality his top priority.

Where We're Going:

Due to exceptional growth and expansion, Barry and Mark established Custom Blenders in 2012. Custom Blenders is committed to being a valued partner by providing the highest level of customer focused services, quality engineered recovery systems and a secure outlet for the reliable disposal of your food waste and by-products.

Our Management Team:

Barry Cowan, Chief Executive Officer/Owner

Jeffrey Lammey, President

Kim Rhoden, Payables





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